Please Read This Help Page Before You Begin To Use the GMR Online Bible

The GMR Bible is available in the English GMR Bible Version, The German Elberfelder Version, and other languages as they become available

Please do the following before you begin using the program

  1. Make sure that the data fits nicely on your screen without any scrolling. You can adjust using the +W -W +H -H links at the top
  2. Once you have made these adjustments, save this page as a bookmark or favorites link in your browser
  3. Now let's test and see if everything is working correctly
This little graphic allows you to pick a random passage of Scripture Get Random Passage
To select a specific passage to read, do the following:
  1. Select a Book from the dropdownbox for Bible Books. When you select a book, the correct number of chapters will be loaded into the Chapter Selection box. If your connection is slow, give it time to update
  2. Select a Chapter from the dropdownbox for Chapters. When you select a chapter, the Bible Text for that chapter will be downloaded and placed in the left column. If your connection is slow, give it time to update
You may scroll forwards and backwards both in the chapters and in the books, by clicking one of these graphics: Previous Book  Next Book  Previous Chapter  Next Chapter
Daily Bible Readings
  1. These will appear when you first load the page
  2. They will change each day at midnight
  3. To view a Bible Reading passage, click on the Bible Reading Reference
  4. To return to the Bible Readings for today, click on this link at the top : [View Today's Readings]
Bible Commentaries
  1. When a commentary exists, the verses having commentaries will show in a purple color

  2. If you click on the purple Bible Text, the commentary for that verse will appear in the right column
Strongs References
  1. Each bible verse number has a link which will give you that verse with Strong's Numbers in the King James Version
  2. The new window that opens contains Strong's Numbers which all have links to the Strong's Definition for that number
  3. The new window that opens contains the Strong's Definition for the Strong's Number that you selected
  4. You will notice that this window has a text field at the bottom where you can put in a Strong's Number. It looks like this : Strong Number Lookup
    This is so you can understand better where the Greek or Hebrew word comes from. Strong tells you this at the top of some of the definitions. You might see something like this:


    sunantilambanomai {soon-an-tee-lam-ban'-om-ahee}
    4862 and
    482; TDNT - 1:375,62; v 

    By looking up the numbers 4862 and 482 you can understand better what the Greek Word really means. Try going to that passage and giving it a try

  5. You may close all the Strong's Windows that open by using the link at the bottom of the window. If you do not, you will end up with many open windows
Bible Versions
  1. Select a verse you want to read in different versions
  2. That verse will now highlight in bold text
  3. Now click one of the radio buttons at the top to change the Bible Version

  4. The text for that version will load, and the same verse will still show in bold, so that you can compare versions